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1. Please visit the parlor in a freshly washed and ironed dress. You are not permitted to enter the parlor with your shoe / sandal. Kindly leave your shoe / sandal in the red rack outside. You will get a pair of leg cover to wear once you are inside.
2. Please wash your hands as per the procedure before you touch anything.
3. Please wear the supplied hospital gown, headgear and leg cover and throw it in the bin wrapping reversely before you leave the parlor.
4. Wearing mask is mandatory unless you are asked to remove it by the technician. Once removed, you must not wear it. Technician will give you a new one and you should wear it immediately.
5. Please speak as less as possible in low voice. Louder voice spreads higher load of virus. Pls call us before, clarify your doubts beforehand so that we can keep conversations as less as possible.
6. Even before entering the parlor, your temperature will be measured. If your temperature is above 99 degree F, you can not enter.
7. We will also measure your oxygen saturation level. Below 93 % wont be allowed.
8. Cross talking with other clients is not allowed.
9. We will do only one application in one room. Please do not visit any other room unless you are asked to.
10. We will provide you latex hand gloves. You must wear it as long as you are inside the parlor. Refrain from touching any object inside the parlor. After three hours of use, you will be given another pair of new gloves. Please remove the previous gloves and use the new one.
11. Do not use your cell phone. If urgent, after using put it inside your purse.
12. Please cooperate us so that all of us remain safe

13. We are doing our usual Shiseido rebonding, keratin treatments, silk rebondings, hair cut, bridal makeover etc keeping the safety measures. Your safetyis first. 

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