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Beautify your nails and hand
What Type Of Nails Do You Have ?

1. Dry nails: Dry nails lack lustre and look dull. And if you run your thumb over the nail, it will drag slightly instead of sliding cleanly across. The secret to treating dry nails is to rehydrate them - vitamin E is fantastic for this so open a vitamin capsule and rub it directly onto the nails morning and evening. It will also help if you always wear a moisturizing base coat to hydrate this nails twenty four/seven and prevent further drying by switching from soap to hand washes. Finally, steer clear of pearilized polish. 

2. Brittle nails: Gently press the sides of your nails together. If your nail does not bend, chances are you have brittle nails. These have no moisture left in them at all, which also means they have no flexibility and shatter as soon as they bash on something. This causes most people to reach for the nail hardener, but this is the worst thing you can do as it makes the nail even more rigid. it is better to boost flexibility by oiling the nails nightly with almond oil instead. The shape of your nails will also add strength. 

3. Damaged nails: If your nails are flaking or splitting, you have damaged nails. These are most commonly caused by severe dehydration. Help them with a treatment base coat to heal the nail, but make sure that as you apply it, you stipple it into any flaky spots. This will prevent air bubbles forming under the polish and stop flaking - which is important.

4. Soft nails: If your nails bend at the slightest touch and rarely grow past your fingertip you have got soft nails. To get them back into shape, you need to harden them up. The simple way to do this is to apply a nail hardener or try rubbing in a little essential oil of elemi. In fact, any oil will help strengthen soft nails as it keeps out their main enemy, water, which softens them even further.

5. Normal nails: If you have none of the above problems - your nails bend slightly when pressed, look pink and shiny and will grow easily, you are lucky you naturally have normal nails. Try to keep them that way by moisturizing them regularly with hand creams, and avoiding harsh detergents and overly hot water.

Style Studio takes care of all types of Nails so that you can maintain healthy, soft and beautiful Nails.

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