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Hair Treatments

Remedies for Hair Problems

If you have identified the 9 most common hair problems, you perhaps would realize that not all these problems can be solved in a hair salon. Some are genetic, some can be cured by dermatologists, some can be reduced through home care and we would like to confess that only few can be treated by the parlors. So we will only focus on the parlor treatments for hair problems. 

First of all, you should know that we cannot entirely reverse the damage done to hair due to combing, ironing, chemicals and environment. We can only give you back at best 90 % of the previous healthy hair. We can provide protection for your hair for a limited period against further damage and we can advice you for hair care. 

Keratin Treatment cures hair

On your right you can see the microscopic view of a hair strand that is damaged by excessive IRONING and heavy use of bleach during coloring process

As you can see, the outer layers of the hairs, made by cuticles are sometimes raptured and sometimes  disarrayed from the heat or chemicals. Unfortunately, many of us use heating iron to straighten or curl our hair. Sometimes, the inexperienced hair salons put excessive quantity / too strong bleach on hair during coloring process. As a result the hairs are highly damaged which we can not see with our naked eyes. But the after effects like hair breakage, loss of shine, dryness, hair fall is seen after a month or so. Besides, when the cuticles are open and disarrayed, the UV rays, dust particles, pollution etc easily enters the cortex of the hair and the damage gets worse. Have a look at the picture below : 

Normal Hair

Shiseido Rebonding takes care of this cuticles and cortex

Below is one diagram that shows how the raptured / damaged hair is additionally highly affected by environment


The left picture is the result of keratin treatment

Basically the hair treatment provides proper nutrition to hair ( root ),  infuses keratin and other ingredients in the cortex and re-aligns the cuticles so that the hair is sealed again. Through these it is expected that due to better and proper nutrition at the root ( like fertilizer for trees ) the hair health is improved and its likely that you will have more number of healthy hair.

Secondly, as the outer layer ( cuticle layer ) get arranged, the hair becomes shiny, thirdly as the leakage is stopped by Rebonding process, the leakage of moisture is stopped and the dryness is of hair eliminated. Besides, rebonded hairs do not require frequent combing and ironing, the damage due to heat and friction is reduced. During the treatments, a protective layer is also grown on the hair that stops the UV rays and due to slippery hair dust particles and bacterias can not stick to the hair. As a by product, in most of the hair treatments, anti-bacteria - anti dandruff element is added and hence the dandruff is also removed automatically. 

Since now we know the basics of the hair treatment, we can watch some Videos and literature you will we will see how hair treatments are done in the parlors. So click the following links and watch them carefully, one by one. 


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Keune Damage Control + Shine Demonstration 

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