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Streax Pro - Style Studio 5 layered Hair Treatment

Streax Pro Deep Conditioning Time gives that extra protection to the hair to keep it safe from the stresses of everyday life. The Deep Conditioning Time restores hair's smoothness,shines and nourishes it as well to prevent hair damage. Now keep the hair beautiful and healthy for longer.

1.Purifying Shampoo - 25 ml
2.Conditioning Oil - 20 ml
3.Deep Hyddrating Shampoo - 25 ml
4.Deep Hydrating Masque - 25 ml
5.Hair Vitalizer - 6 ml
6.Argan Secrets Serum - 5 ml
7.Argan Secrets Serum - 7 ml
8.1 Ampoule Cutter and Applicator

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